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Cosmetic Dentures

Traditionally dentures are made by a Dentist and Dental Technician working together. The Dentist takes the impressions, tries in the dentures and fits them once they have been constructed. Although this way of working has been around for many years, and can produce good results, the patient usually has very little contact with the Dental Technician. The patient therefore has to depend upon the Dentist to pass on any desires or wishes they may have for their new teeth.

However, a new way of working has now developed. Dental Technicians can now be trained to work directly with the patient and are known as Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs). A CDT can take impressions, try in the dentures, make adjustments as necessary and then fit the finished teeth.

The advantage to the patient is that they get to interact directly with the person who will actually make their new teeth. Any wishes for tooth colour, shape, size, arrangement etc can be communicated straight to the Technician, cutting out any chance of misunderstandings.

Jonathan Hughes, Clinical Dental Technician, provides this type of personal denture service at Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic.

Jonathan has been a Dental Technician since 1998 when he qualified from the Leeds Dental Institute. He then worked for a large Dental Laboratory in Harrogate before establishing his own Laboratory (Hughes Dental Laboratory) in 2005. Jonathan undertook further training and in 2011 he qualified as a Clinical Dental Technician from the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

The service Jonathan currently provides at Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic is for patients with complete dentures i.e. none of their own teeth, or patients who are about to lose their teeth and require complete dentures.

Jonathan also works very closely with Dr Roberts on many dental implant patients and so is fully aware of the benefits dental implants can give to denture patients either to replace dentures altogether (with bridges) or to help stabilise and secure dentures. If this is something Jonathan feels may be helpful, and a patient wants to know more about dental implants, then a consultation with Dr Roberts can be arranged. If a patient only wants denture treatment then Jonathan can provide this completely and there is no need to see Dr Roberts. 

An initial consultation with Jonathan is free so patients can come along and meet him to discuss their denture problems with no obligation. Once Jonathan has assessed a patient a treatment plan with cost options will be explained and then, if a patient wants to proceed, appointments will be arranged for construction of the new cosmetic dentures.

If you would like to see Jonathan for a free consultation please contact us and we will arrange a convenient appointment.

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