Specialist Periodontal & Dental Implant Treatment

Available Treatments

At Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic we provide a range of dental treatments and these are listed below. If you have a question about any of the treatments on offer please follow the link to that section or contact us directly and we will be pleased to help you.

Dental Implants

The range of services we offer include:

  • Consultation - Including initial x-rays and reports
  • Extractions
  • Temporary dentures
  • Temporary bridges
  • CT scans (3D x-rays) on referral to a local scanning centre
  • Bone grafting - Including block grafting and sinus grafting
  • Implant placement
  • Implant exposure and temporary crown fitting
  • Implant exposure and healing post fitting
  • Implant restoration including single-teeth, short-span bridgework, full-arch bridgework and over-dentures
  • Immediate implants including All-on-4
  • Intravenous sedation for nervous patients
  • Implant maintenance

Treatment Of Gum Disease And Other Gum Problems

The range of treatments on offer include:

  • Consultation and diagnosis - Including initial x-rays, a comprehensive gum examination and reports
  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Treatment of early and advanced periodontal (gum) disease
  • Treatment of gum recession (root coverage treatment)
  • Crown lengthening surgery – To elongate short or damaged teeth
  • Connective tissue grafting – To help “plump out” areas of sunken gum to improve appearance

Referral to one of the Clinic’s Dental Hygienists for the following:

  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Oral Hygiene instruction
  • Scaling and polishing
  • Stain removal
  • Treatment of early and advanced periodontal (gum) disease
  • Sub-gingival debridement (deep root cleaning) under local anaesthetic

Cosmetic Dentures With A Clinical Dental Technician

The range of treatments on offer include:

  • Cosmetic full upper denture
  • Cosmetic full lower denture
  • Cosmetic full upper & lower dentures
  • Cosmetic implant-retained dentures
  • Cosmetic implant-supported bridges

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