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Training Courses

Dr Roberts runs a number of training courses on Dental Implants and Periodontology. Please register your interest in the courses detailed below by filling in our "Register your interest" form and further information will be sent to you when the next course becomes available.

Course - “Start-Up” Program in Implant Dentistry

The “Start-Up” Implant Course is aimed at General Dental Practitioners who have little or no knowledge of implant dentistry and takes place over eight separate days roughly one month apart.

During the course participants will learn what implants are and how they work. Cases will be presented to show the many varied situations in which implants can be used. These cases will include single-teeth, short-span bridges, over-dentures and full-arch reconstructions.

Treatment planning and case selection will be covered in detail so that participants can identify patients suitable for implant therapy.

The surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry will be taught by a combination of lectures, seminars, demonstrations and hands-on practicals. Although live surgery and surgical principles will be demonstrated, it is not anticipated that participants will be able to carry out their own surgery at the end of the course. However, simple and reliable restorative techniques will be shown in detail so that upon completion of the course participants should be able to confidently carry out the restoration of single-tooth implants and short-span bridges.

Course - Introduction to Dental Implants

This one day course aims to introduce General Dental Practitioners to the world of dental implants. A range of cases will be used to demonstrate the varied situations in which implants can be used to benefit patients.

Advice will also be given on how to assess a patient's suitability for implant treatment.

At the end of the day participants should be able to confidently talk to their patients about implants as a possible treatment option.

Course - Update on Periodontics

This half-day course aims to refresh General Dental Practitioners knowledge of periodontics.

Topics covered include assessment and diagnosis, record keeping and treatment planning. At the end of the course participants will have updated their knowledge of current periodontal practice.

Course - Dental Implant Maintenance

This one day course is suitable for Dental Hygienists who care for patients with dental implants or those who simply want to know more about dental implants and how best to look after them.

As dental implants become an ever increasing treatment option more and more patients are being provided with them. A critical part of the long-term success of implants is how they are maintained and cared for after the patient is fitted with their new teeth.

This course aims to help Hygienists understand what they can do to help their patients look after their implants in both the short and long-term.

All courses provide verifiable CPD and a certificate confirming this will be issued upon completion of the course.

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