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Experience & Success With Dental Implants

Dental Implant

Dr Roberts placed his first dental implant over 18 years ago and is now very experienced in this field. This experience means that Dr Roberts has seen and treated many different types of dental implant case, from the simple to the challenging.

Over the years Dr Roberts has seen many new trends in implant dentistry and has observed what works and what does not. Hence Dr Roberts has been able to refine his techniques resulting in 98% of his implants bonding securely to the patient’s bone first time, a success rate Dr Roberts is very proud of.

Qualifications & Training

Dr Roberts qualified from Manchester Dental School in 1998 and has continually studied and acquired further qualifications ever since. In 1996 Dr Roberts passed the examination for the Diploma in General Dental Practice and in 1995 he attained a Master of Dental Science degree in Periodontology (the study of gums and gum disease) from Liverpool Dental Hospital. Dr Roberts’ experience in the field of periodontology resulted in his inclusion in the General Dental Council’s Specialist List in Periodontics in 2000. Currently there are just over 300 Specialists in Periodontics in the whole of the U.K.

In 2007 Dr Roberts graduated with a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. This qualification is generally considered to be the gold standard in postgraduate dental implant training. In addition, he was awarded an Advanced Certificate in Implant Dentistry which recognises his ability to carry out bone grafting procedures and in 2010 he became a tutor on the Diploma course, training and mentoring other dentists. Dr Roberts is fully trained to General Dental Council standards for Implant Dentistry. 

First Class Team

The team at Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic have been brought together with one aim, to provide first-class customer service to our patients. We know dental treatment can cause anxiety so all members of our team will try to put you at ease with their friendly and caring approach.

Specialist Status

Dr Roberts is registered with the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Periodontics. There are just over 300 such Specialists in the whole of the U.K. Periodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with gums and gum disease.

A Periodontist (Specialist in Periodontics) is a Dentist who specialises in the diagnosis and management of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and gum recession by surgical and non-surgical methods. Other treatments include the surgical placement and long-term maintenance of dental implants.

Established But Still Growing

The Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic has been around since 1998.

The Clinic was born out of Dr Roberts’ vision to provide quality dental care, particularly dental implants and the treatment of gum disease, in his home County of Yorkshire.

Since 1998 the Clinic has added Dental Hygienists, a Clinical Dental Technician, a Practice Manager and several Dental Nurses to the team and is still growing.

Complex Procedures

Dr Roberts has a wealth of experience in simple dental implant treatment. He is also trained and experienced in complex procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifting.

After an extended period of study at the Royal College of Surgeons in London Dr Roberts was awarded an Advanced Certificate in Implant Dentistry which recognises his ability to carry out bone grafting procedures.


At the Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic we appreciate that the prospect of dental treatment makes many people anxious. To help nervous patients accept dental treatment we provide intra-venous sedation.

Sedation helps people relax and complete simple and complex treatments without the associated anxiety. It is also extremely safe.

During sedation a sedative drug is given through a small needle, usually in the back of the hand. The sedative drug is introduced very slowly until the patient feels relaxed and ready to go ahead with treatment.

Dr Roberts and his team are trained in intravenous sedation and carry out the technique routinely.

Trust and Confidence

At the Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic we treat our own patients as well as many patients referred to us by other Dentists for either Specialist Periodontal treatment or dental implant treatment.

In fact, over the past five years we have received nearly 600 referrals from over 150 different Dentists throughout Yorkshire. We are very proud of the trust and confidence shown in us by our referring Dentists.

Dental Hygienists  

At the Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic we have several Dental Hygienists and they are all friendly and approachable and enjoy helping patients improve their gum health.

The main roles of a Dental Hygienist include helping patients with oral hygiene techniques, carrying out thorough scaling and polishing and also carrying out deep root cleaning under local anaesthetic where required.

As a Specialist Periodontal practice we often have patients referred to us with advanced gum disease. Dr Roberts and our Hygienist’s work together to help these patients improve their gums as much as possible as even advanced cases can benefit from improved cleaning and regular Dental Hygienist care.

Knowledge & Teaching

As well as attending dental courses on a regular basis to expand his own knowledge Dr Roberts also teaches other Dentists about dental implants and acts as a mentor for Dentists learning about dental implants.

In 2010 Dr Roberts became a course tutor for the Diploma in Implant Dentistry run from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. This course is generally considered to be the gold standard in postgraduate dental implant training.


The Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic is situated in Moortown, North Leeds, close to the Leeds Outer Ring Road (A6120).

We are only 10 minutes away from Leeds City Centre and have free on-site parking.

Our address is:-

Street Lane Dental Implant Clinic
359 Street Lane
LS17 6RU

Tel:- 0113 268 2500

Dental Implant

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