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Downlaod Patient Referral FormIf you would like to refer a patient to us for Specialist Periodontal or Dental Implant treatment please fill in the form below or print out the PDF version and post it to us.

We are very flexible with our referral Dentist’s and are happy to provide as little or as much input as required. For example, if you would like us to provide comprehensive implant treatment involving bone grafting, implant placement and restoration then we will be happy to do so. However, if you wish to restore the implants yourself we can help by just placing the implants and then referring the patient back to yourself when the implants are integrated and ready to restore.

We also encourage referring Dentists to come along and observe the treatment of their patients to gain an insight into dental implant treatment in particular. If you are new to dental implants then watching your patient having their implants placed and restored is a wonderful way to start understanding this increasingly common treatment option.

If you feel  encouraged  to take things further you may wish to consider taking part in one of our Training Courses or consider being Mentored  by Dr Roberts.

Dr Roberts


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